Our Staff has exceptional skills that involves real life experience in domestic and international disciplines.

H&H Associates LLC is comprised of highly trained professional covering a wide variety of investigative disciplines with a combined experience spanning more than four decades.

Our agents have worked for the federal agencies such as the U.S State Department, FAA, Department of transportation, and the U.S. Millitary. we are veterans of conflicts including Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, and the Gulf War Desert Storm. H&H personnel are also veterans of state and local law enforcement agencies.

We specialize in both foreign and domestic investigative disciplines. H&H is staffed with investigators who are licensed professional divers and pilots. Because we encompass many investigative disciplines, for example, we even employ professional real estate agents who are trained in real estate investigations.

H&H's president leads our diverse and specialized team. He has successfully completed a career with the U.S State Department having serverd overseas in South Africa, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, and Nepal. His knowledge of international investigative work includes extensive experience dealing with real world terrorism. His expertise was used as an executive staff member for Secretaries of State Haige, Shultz, Eagleburger, and Baker.

H&H is a fully licensed investigative agency in the state of Alabama with more than 11 years as an independant. H&H is a member for the National Association of Legal Invegistators (NALI).

Other organization memberships include the National Council of investigation and security services (NCISS). The National Association of Investigative Specialist (NAIS), The Alabama Private Investigators Association (APIA) and teh Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).


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