H&H Associates LLC

If life's circumstances have brought you to this page, then you need to know you've made the right decision by choosing H&H Associates LLC.

H&H understands you did not come to your decision to seek investigative services lightly. However, when the time comes to know the truth and get the accurate information you need, H&H is ready to deliver the services you desire backed by more than 40 years of investigative experience.

Knowing that you've come to the decision to seek highly trained, discreet, investigative specialists is one that is tough and stressful. Our professionals know this, and we handle your case with respect, confidentiality, and compassion for you.



Why Choose H&H

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very unexpected situations. That's why you can rest assured that we have the experience, equipment, and training to get the answers you need to make life-altering decisions based on fact, not theory. Let us take the burden of proof off of you regardless of the type of investigative services you need.

H&H takes each individual case you bring us and treats it with respect. Our investigative services include cheating spouses, survellance, criminal background checks, and missing persons. We also specialize in interviewing and statement recording for court purposes, court research child custody and more. For a more complete and comprehensive listing of our services, click here

At H&H, our goal is to make your investigative needs a Mission Possible.

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